The Church is Young

An Article from ¡OYE! Magazine

When Pope John Paul II died, many were surprised to see the fervor of young people. Their devotion was rooted in their friendship with the late pope as well as their desire to meet with others of the same faith. Faith is lived in community.

"The church is young," Pope Benedict XVI said in his installation Mass. But to stay young, indeed, to stay alive, the church needs leaders with commitment, people willing to build community. God may not necessarily want to speak louder--the prophet says God is in a gentle breeze-but we'd like to help open up young people's ears so they can be more receptive to that breeze. This is extremely urgent: The Hispanic community is increasingly younger, and Hispanics are increasingly underrepresented in the Catholic leadership in this country. Young people need not only to hear but to listen today. And we all need their commitment.

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