Mission (Im)Possible

An invitation to live out your passions.

Being and doing what God wants leads us to happinessWe are all called to happiness, and that is probably our deepest desire. We believe that God calls us to live out the gospel, to carry out our own mission in life. Being and doing what God wants leads us to happiness. But how do we know what our mission is?

The following assumptions and questions might help you clarify some of the misunderstandings and uncertainties you might have as you search for your mission in life.

False assumptions of a "mission":

  1. My job is my mission.
  2. My role is my mission.y to-do list is my mission.
  3. I am not important enough to have a mission.
  4. My mission has to be grand or help a lot of people.
  5. A mission must be full of suffering.
  6. My mission must be the same as those of my peers.
  7. Biography is destiny.

Your passion is your power:

  1. What excites you the most in or about the world?
  2. What angers you the most in or about the world?
  3. What three things would you tell others excite you in the world?
  4. What three things would you tell others anger you in the world?
  5. How could you use what most excites you to affect or change what most angers you? List at least 10 ways.

Whom are you here to help?

Every mission implies that someone will be helped. Who is it that you were sent here to help? Get clear on whom you really want to serve, be around, inspire, learn from, and influence in a positive way. Consider the whole, broad range of possible interests and causes and pick the three that attract you the most. Then learn more about them and how you can get involved.

Slave of the slaves

It seemed strange to many, but St. Peter Claver left his quiet, comfortable life in Spain to serve slaves in Colombia. They say he baptized over 300,000. He devoted his whole life to the defense of oppressed and enslaved people. If he came back to earth, he would still have much to do.

  • Which groups of people do you think need your support and service the most? What would you be willing to do for them?
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