Broadcasting the Good News

Father Alberto Cutié proclaims the Word on TV and radio.

Father Alberto CutiéOne of the most distinctive and difficult missions of a priest is to reach those around him with a message of love and faithfulness to Christ, to preach through example and the Word inspired by the Spirit. If they asked me to name a person who accomplishes all this, I would not hesitate to name Father Alberto Cutié, who works in many different ministries in Miami.

Although he has worked in Miami since 1995, the year of his ordination, he also has a wider national and international audience. The message of hope that Padre Alberto communicates is transmitted through the media to millions of people.

It all started in October 1998 when Cutié was invited by the television station Telemundo to become a TV presenter. He became the first television priest with a transcontinental reach. The programs “El Padre Alberto” and “Cambie Su Vida con el Padre Alberto” (“Change Your Life with Father Alberto”) became favorites in Latin American programming.

Later he also became one of the anchors of the program “America Live” of International Telemundo and Gems. To date, Cutié has participated in over 500 programs and over 900 interviews in secular media.

In January 2001 Cutié was appointed general director of Radio Paz of the Archdiocese of Miami. As if this were not enough, he also writes the column “Consejos de Amigo” (“Advice from a Friend”) in the Miami daily El Nuevo Herald, offering guidance to his readers from a spiritual and human perspective. And all this while also doing pastoral work!

How does he manage to do all this? “The priest of the 21st century has a great task: to reach today’s society through all the means at his disposal,” the 35-year-old answers with his ever-ready smile. Cutié is a true apostle of communication.

Your turn:

  • What are the areas of human or civil life where you think you could serve?
  • What challenges do you think you would find there?

Cristina, Laura & Co.

Talk shows are in. It seems every time you turn on the TV, there they are. Some of them are just plain awful, with people shouting, pushing, and attempting to beat one another up. From some, though, there is something to be learned about values and relationships. How can our faith benefit from these programs? They entertain but they also deal with real issues in the lives of people. Those who watch often relate what they see to their own experience. That is precisely where the Word needs to be proclaimed.

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