My sister, Jennifer, is a research patient for leukaemia. The professor calls her 'his miracle'. Her husband has cancer of the ear. I have been diagnosed with hypertension but may require a headscan. A friend, Agnelle is undergoing cancer treatment.

My Sister, Jennifer, was diagnosed with terminal leukaemia in the early 90's. She agreed to become a research patient and has suffered greatly but never complains. She is always positive and now her husband, Ben has cancer of the ear. He has been her great support. She has made many quilts for fundraising and her research professor calls her his miracle. She has seen the dead of many other research patients. A couple of years ago she had golden staffe but even overcome that. Our mother died in February after 17 months in a Hostel I went everyday to spend hours with her. I have now been diagnosed with hypertension, but my headaches have not abated so I am storming Heaven that I do not have a tumor behind the eye.
A Legion of Mary aquaintance has aggressive breast cancer and suffering from the chemotherapy treatment. Her husband has taken leave from his position & is also finding it difficult. All active news articles