deliverance from fear and darkness

hello my name is tina and I was diagnosed with breastcancer

please pray for me, this year I was diagnosed with breastcancer. please pray for healing for me, all my loved ones for anyone who may have cancer and does not know, for all who are ill, and for
all who do not know. I prayed every day for GOD to help us
but instead i found out about this devestating news and illness, sending us into further debt and taking my last strength of joy, we lost everything we owned except our cars, we had to move in with my mother-i-law, after losing our jobs cause we got tricked by a job contract for a promising position, in another state,lost our home, all our finances, our dog and now we have to file bancruptcy. a year later thanks be to GOD now my husband found a good job but is drinking heavily, he got really hostile and verbally abusive with me right when I started my chemo this week. i beg you to pray that others will be spared from this disease ,especially all little ones, all our loved ones and all helpless beings. I will get 8 months of chemo and 2 months of radiation therapy. I need support from my husband, sometimes he is so loving and then he changes into a monster. i am scared I am so scared I am scared and he scares me to death, please pray to GOD to make a way for me to be freed from my tormenter and prison, I have no work because we just relocated to this new town this month and I hope I can get disability. There is a small chance anyone wants to hire someone that started chemo and cannot function or needs time off. my son and i need desperate help and intervention,a good job, my heart is crying out for help and rescue, i beg GOD to send a mighty holy Angel to antony and me, LORD GOD help us please!!!thank YOU for all YOUR LOVE, oh LORD that YOU may please shine hope and Your Light into our lives,deliver us from
all evil,illness,poverty,tears, dear st Jude i feel hopeless with my husband, end his drinking, when i felt sick yesterday he screams at me, i feel dizzy and nauseated, please beg GOD to intervene with his mighty hand and power, to touch mark or anyone who is mean to someone with cancer. please heal all my family in mind body and spirit, and anyone who is hoping for a Jude i live a hopeless life,what can i do to find GOD's love and light,send a Light in my darkness. hear my cry for
rescue, i have no family in this country and nowhere to go,no financial means to leave and physically to weak to start a new job or
get help to find work,
st Jude pray for my son antony and me. please ask GOD to interfere
and shield us, spare all my family from any illness from cancer, i hope you can reach help for us, please hear my fervent cry for help and guard all my family, they all need healing in mind body and spirit, i ask and beg for my entire family that they find healing in all areas of their lives, deliverance of all addictions for my son,
for my husband and brothers.may GOD heal my parents and touch them that they will come and free me with love from my husband. may GOD answer me soon thank YOU dear GOD
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