I'm Diana have breast cancer stage 4. Dagnosed 4 years ago.Plus many many in my life that are also struggling with CANCER.

Dearest St Jude through our divine savior JESUS CHRIST. Please heal all in Cancer. I attend two Cancer WELLNESS groups a week and many many are in need of healing. MAHMOUD,DIANA,BOB,CHRIS,SHIRLEY,JENNY,MAGGEE,TIEN,ANITA,DEAR ST JUDE through our divine savior Jesus I know that all will and can be accomplished. We are all in some type of termoil/fear through treatments,scans,medical appointments,energy,finances and the many many requests that you are aware of. PLEASE heal,cure,answer,hear,love,bless,secure,guide,all of us PLEASE!! May all hear this plea and may all be accomplished through YOU today and always. Love,peace,health,prayers to ALL, Diana All active news articles