Surprised By Breast Cancer

One never thinks that cancer will strike them.

One never thinks that cancer will strike them. I was a very healthy person all my life and in my family there was no sign of anyone else having breast cancer. One day, I was walking behind someone into a room and without knowing that I was behind them proceeded to slam the door shut. To avoid being hit by the door I extended my hand to catch it on time, but it was too late. The door hit my hand and pushed it al the way back thus pulling something inside of my left breast. I checked it and saw no damage and proceeded to forget about the accident. Several days later there was a small hematoma. When the hematoma went away everything seemed back to normal. Several months later, though a huge lump appeared slightly above where the pull had happened. I went to my primary physician and he told me that it was accumulated blood and that I had to have it drained. Somehow it didnt seem right so I went to a surgeon who proceeded to do a biopsy and when the results came back it was a mailgnant tumor. I am now in chemotherapy so that the lump will shrink and they will then remove it. I know that St. Jude and our Lord are taking good care of me and I am ever so grateful for all of my friends and family that are praying for me. May all who have some form of cancer believe that they can beat it. With St. Jude's help and our Lord I know that we will. All active news articles