My brother, Ralph, is age 73

My brother, Ralph, is age 73 & has always been very active repairing bicycles, lawn mowers, snow blowers & anything around the house plus he always has a garden & has a big back yard, so he & his wife feed all of the birds, squirrels, rabbits, chipmonks, etc. -- he has had prostate cancer for several years now & must get hormone shots to keep the cancer from spreading. The shots make him very miserable, but he doesn't complain much. Plus he has had open heart surgery & also has a pace maker & now has diabetes 2.
When he had open heart surgery about 4 years ago, he was so bad, that his doctors didn't expect him to survive.
When Ralph was in the intensive care unit & finally woke up there, he saw Jesus (with the sacred Heart) just like in the picture, sitting in the chair beside him & he then knew that he wasn't going to die. He would jump for joy -- so would his wife --me & other members of the family if he was completely cured. Thank you Jesus & St. Jude.
Ralph is a good father, husband, grandfather,brother & all around good person. All active news articles