healing from breast cancer

I was diagnosed last October of Breast cancer.

I felt a large lump ,in my left breast. I had decided not to have the mamograms for 6 years. It was diagnosed as grade 3. The tumour so large that a masectomy was needed, but the surgeon said I could try and have chemo first to shrink it. I and my family prayed so much to St Jude to intercede for me. I felt i was begging for the impossible to happen.
The tumour shrank so much that even the Doctors were suprised. Unbelievably I only had a lumpectomy and my lymph nodes were clear. After Radiotherapy I have had my check up and all is clear. I prayed for no side effects from all the chemo and medication and i had none. My prayer to Jesus was intense and I will always be thank ful to St Jude for his intercession. Praise God.
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