COURAGE is a great Virtue

This Memorial Day, I will pray for all the veterans and my family members that I have gone to rest within the past five years. I will continue praying the St.Jude Novena,and encourage others to pray to St. Jude who has never let me down.

My brother prayed to St.Jude, with the prayer card I sent to him when he was in the service. He continued to visit the Shrine of St. Jude in Maryland, after 25 yrs he relocated to the area. I then met a man who was in the war zone at the same time and I encouraged him to pray
to St. Jude that was in 1977, after 25 years we connected and he was
still praying to St.Jude, and he retained the prayer card I had sent him..He was a gentle,generous man..On April 19, 2008, he died suddenly
My prayers to St.Jude continued and I have been blessed with the courage and strength to continue to life a peaceful, productive life,
and I pray the novena to St. Jude on a daily basis. despite all the
hardships I have encountered with my cancer at the age of 29, my sisters and my mom had cancer, but with my novena to St. Jude, my sister survived breast cancer, with the prayers to St.Jude I am a
survivor in more ways than one. I encourage people to pray to the
most powerful Saint Jude. All active news articles