My Dad

The Air Force

My Dad is gone 21 years - He would have been 84 - Just a brief rememberance - He was proud to have served in the Air Force in WWII - In his later years he was so hesitant to fly on commercial airplanes that he often took a train or drove to places like Florida for vacations. I remember his reasoning for not wanting to fly on a new state-of-the art comfortable air plane was that he made it through the war and returned home safely to his fiance- my mother - after flying missions on airplanes that were sometimes held together with "spit and glue" - He considered himself so fortunate to have come back alive that he didn't want to chance the irony not making it on a new plane after safely making it home after flying on a war plane barely flying in dangerous missions. While we, of course, pray for our troops fighting for our freedom today, let us not forget all those who came before. I miss you Daddy. Happy 4th in Heaven.
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