Invitation to Prayer

Presiding Minister invites those present to collect themselves in prayer

Scripture Verse

The couple may select and read a favorite passage


Presiding minister delivers a homily, directed to not only the betrothing couple but also the entire community, who are to be instructed to accompany the betrothed in the process of marriage and to offer them good example.

Renewal of Baptismal Vows

The Betrothal

Presiding Minister briefly addresses the couple on the importance of marriage, on the importance of the journey to marriage they are now undertaking, and assures them of the support and prayers of the community. The minister asks them:

“Do you wish to follow the journey toward the sacrament of marriage by becoming betrothed?”

“We do.”

“In the name of the Church I welcome you into the order of the betrothed, and I bless you.”



This couple, our Christian sister and brother, have traveled a long road. We rejoice with them that Christ our Lord has brought them to this day. Let us pray with them that they may continue steadfastly on the path they have chosen until they come to consummate a Christian marriage.

There follow suitable intercessions.

Blessing of the Couple


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