Social analysis

SOCIAL ANALYSIS IS A FANCY TERM for reading the signs of the times with Christian eyes. Any issue can be used in this process, which helps us integrate justice in our daily lives—from the way we read the newspaper to the decisions we make in the workplace:


  • What is your experience of the issue?
  • What was the experience of others affected by this issue?
  • When did this problem begin? What has changed over time?
  • What are the economic, political, cultural, and social factors that play a role in this situation?


  • Why are things this way?
  • Who makes decisions?
  • Who gets left out?
  • What would be Good News to the victims?
  • How does scripture speak to this problem?
  • What do the social teachings of the church tell us about how to respond?


  • How can we engage others in this issue?
  • Who has the power to make changes for justice?
  • How do we approach them? What is our specific proposition?
  • Will this improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable?
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