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U.S. Catholic: July 2007

Special issue on young adult Catholics

Marked for life
When they signed up for a post-graduation year of service, few volunteers could have guessed that the experience would change them for years to come.

Must love God
Finding a soul mate is getting a bit easier thanks to Catholic dating websites. Now the baptized can IM and e-mail their way to that nice Catholic girl or boy of their dreams.

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From the newsdesk:
July 12:
Vatican finds its easy being green

July 6:
Vatican shows small surplus for 2006

July 5:
U.S. bishops urge Amnesty International to restore neutral position on abortion

Catholic Congress members seek USCCB support to "end war in Iraq"

June 28
Latin Mass redux

Provincial govt plans to blow up Marian shrine in central China

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Selections from the July issue of U.S. Catholic

Glad You Asked:
How is the Bible true?

Margin Notes
Spit that out!
Tainted foods from the agricultural-industrial complex are giving new meaning to your favorite casserole "surprise."

The Examined Life
Who do you say that I am?
It's certain that human language fails to capture the mystery of God, but sometimes what we say doesn't even come close to doing God justice.

Selections from the June issue of U.S. Catholic

A betrothal proposal
Cohabitation may seem to be a decidedly modern issue, but Catholic tradition can engage its ancient resources to get couples back into the church’s good graces.

Web special:
A betrothal ceremony

The Examined Life:
Sweet Jesus!

A chocolate sculpture of the crucified Christ can give us the chance to learn the difference between a mere aesthetically upset stomach and real moral indigestion.

Margin Notes:
Iran spam

A shockingly awful public relations campaign is underway for yet another war.

The Busy Christian's Guide to Catholic Social Teaching
Visit our popular online guide to 100 years of Catholic tradition.

Images from Chicago's march for immigration reform

Quicktime 7 is recommended for best viewing.

Guy Consolmagno Siteseeing with astronomer Guy Consolmagno

The astronomical sites I visit are not flashy but useful. For more detailed information about comets, astroids, and trans-Neptunian objects, which make up the heart of my research, I contact the Minor Planet Center at Harvard. The Vatican Observatory’s site is: vaticanobservatory.org.

When I am abroad, to keep in touch with what’s really going on back in America, I connect to the source that most people trust for their news: The Daily Show.

Comic book sites like this are fun and remind me that what I do is only slightly removed from magic. The artists are a husband-and-wife team, whom I first met at a science fiction convention.

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