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USC: September 2007

Fall "Good Book" issue

The greatest story ever sold
With sales in the half-billion-dollar range, the Good Book is also good business for book publishers, who print Bibles in every size, color, and translation. Here's a guide to finding one just right for you.

Also: Step one: Open the book
OK, so it's really thick, has super-thin paper, and hundreds of chapters, but don't let that intimidate you. The Bible is a feast for the soul, so take a deep breath and dig in.

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Selections from the September issue of U.S. Catholic

Margin Notes—Kevin Clarke
Code blue
The patient is ailing, the prognosis is poor. It's the nation's major medical emergency.

The Examined Life—Bryan Cones
...and what we've failed to do
The abuse crisis will never be over without a full confession and a freely given absolution.

Selections from the August issue of U.S. Catholic

Glad You Asked—How much should I tithe?

Margin Notes—Kevin Clarke
Never again, yet again
Unless action replaces delay, our denunciations of genocide in Darfur are nothing but talk.

The Examined Life—Bryan Cones
Semper ubi sub ubi
If you don't understand that, you're gonna love the new, old Latin Mass.

The Busy Christian's Guide to Catholic Social Teaching
Visit our popular online guide to 100 years of Catholic tradition.

Images from Chicago's march for immigration reform

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