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October 2007

Recipe for a hungry planet: Five steps to a well-fed world
With 1 billion going hungry every day, it can be hard to see a solution for the starving masses. But Tara K. Dix has found five ways we in the land of plenty might dish out some of our surplus.

Also: Close encounters
We asked readers how they find Christ at Mass for our new Meditation Room department. As usual, readers both delighted and inspired us. Look for web-only content, meditations from our runners-up!

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sicko Movies:
Sicko, directed by Michael Moore

Pierrepoint (The Last Hangman), directed by Adrian Shergold

beah Books:
A long way gone by Ishmael Beah

Plus: Googling God by Mike Hayes

Islam: Past, Present & Future by Hans Küng

The Mystery of the Child by Martin Marty

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Selections from the October issue of U.S. Catholic

Margin Notes—Kevin Clarke
Cracks in the system
Deferring infrastructure maintenance for war spending builds a bridge to nowhere.

The Examined Life—Bryan Cones
How green is your faith?
We should honor God the Father by caring for our Mother Earth.

Selections from the September issue of U.S. Catholic

Margin Notes—Kevin Clarke
Code blue
The patient is ailing, the prognosis is poor. It's the nation's major medical emergency.

The Examined Life—Bryan Cones
...and what we've failed to do
The abuse crisis will never be over without a full confession and a freely given absolution.

The Busy Christian's Guide to Catholic Social Teaching
Visit our popular online guide to 100 years of Catholic tradition.

Images from Chicago's march for immigration reform

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